Intelligent liability management for banks.

Max For Banks

Intelligent balance sheet management.

As interest rates rise, banks face an increasingly competitive market for deposits.  Reaching new customers is expensive and often ineffective.  Balance sheet management is difficult and imprecise.

Max can help.

  • Max introduces high net worth (HNW) households to the benefits of online banking, helping them spread cash across multiple online banks to maximize FDIC insurance while earning significantly higher yield than they otherwise would in brokerage or brick-and-mortar bank accounts.

  • Max delivers direct customer relationships to leading online banks at near-zero marginal cost. Max does not broker deposits for commission, and does not accept advertising or referral fees from banks.

  • Max enables banks to manage their balance sheets daily through a transparent market-based approach.

An open and transparent solution for cash.

Max is designed to operate free from conflicts, helping individual investors, financial advisors and banks alike.

max benefits individual investors

  • Increase FDIC insurance

  • Earn higher yield

  • Preserve daily liquidity

  • Keep existing bank

max benefits financial advisors

  • Better serve clients

  • Improve customer relationships

  • Increase wallet share

  • Grow AUM

max benefits banks

  • Attract new HNW customers

  • Grow deposits

  • Reduce advertising expense

  • Manage balance sheet with greater precision

Streamlined account opening.

Max’s patented and patent-pending technologies make it easier for prospective customers to open new online bank accounts, dramatically reducing application abandonment rates.  With Max, account opening processes that used to take 3 days now take less than 3 minutes.  And Max’s high quality customers have average account balances that are typically 5-15x higher than the national average, further increasing the efficiency of operating an online banking platform.

Accelerate your business.

Beyond helping online banks attract new customers and grow deposits, Max also helps private banks and wealth management franchises increase wallet share and grow AUM. Visit for more information.



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